Endocrine abstracts home search issues/conferences about subscribe our services citing abstracts contact disclaimer european congress of endocrinology 2007 budapest, hungary 28 april 2007 - 02 may 2007 european society of endocrinology << prev next >> table of contents cite search endocrine abstracts (2007) 14 p293 which prognosis criteria for thyroid anaplastic carcinoma? can you get viagra over the counter in ireland Guillaume larroumets1, frederic somda1, beatrice roche1, catherine dejax2, francoise desbiez1, fabrice kwiatkowski2, philippe thieblot1 & igor tauveron1 1chu endocrinologie-groupe thyroide auvergne, clermont-ferrand, france; 2centre jean perrin, clermont-ferrand, france. The prognosis of thyroid anaplastic carcinoma is poor. viagra or viagra comparison Yet can prognosis criteria change the therapeutic options? buy cheap generic viagra uk Method: from a series of 26 cases from a single group recorded between 1990 and 2006, we analyzed the outcome after treatment based on surgery, radio and chemotherapy and looked for prognosis criteria. viagra no prescription Results: all but one patients died with a mean survival of 273 days (median survival of 130 days). Over 50% of patients had died within 6 months, and 80% within 12 months. order viagra online Most deaths are related to loco regional tumour progression (n=15), but general dissemination (6) and drug toxicity (2) are also responsible. Increased age, poor general condition at admission, rapid tumour growth (evaluated by pre-diagnosis duration of symptoms), compressive tracheal or oesophageal symptoms, and metastasis are associated with poorer prognosis while the concomitant presence of another histological thyroid carcinoma seems of better outcome. Treatment can also influence the prognosis: complete surgery (563 vs 123 days) and multimodal treatment improve survival. genuine viagra sales Conclusion: despite poor overall prognosis, accurate evaluation of tac at diagnosis is needed to evaluate outcome. Intensive treatment should always be applied. Endocrine abstracts (2007) 14 p293 << prev next >> table of contents.          search koreamed    for          about koreamed overview help disclaimer koreamed services basic search journal browser advanced search limits summary brief abstract koreamed         1.   korean j obstet gynecol. viagra for sale 2004 feb;47(2):401-404. Korean. cocalicovalleyhs.org/cyo-buy-viagra-cheap-price-wu/   a case of anaplastic carcinoma arising from mature cystic teratoma of ovary.   suh dj, cho gj, ahn kh, park sy, lee jh, na jy. Department of obstetrics and gynecology, college of medicine, korea university, seoul, korea. Depa. buy generic viagra online  


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