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New landed immigrant?

We are certified to assist newly landed immigrants. We can help with job training and job placement. Must be less than 6 years as a newly landed immigrant without a job.

Do you do EI supported job training?

People who are currently on EI can receive government aid in paying for their lessons. You must have been on EI within the last 3 years.

Looking to upgrade your license for job training?

We help many people from firefighters to construction workers attain different licenses that are required for the job.

About Us.

Our History

Benji's Driving School has been in business for over 20 years. Owner Anthony Choi has an extensive background in operating various types of vehicles including long haul and local trucks, buses, etc.

On-going support and guidance

After over 20 years Tony has tremendous relationships with many trucking organizations and can assist you in job placement and further training. We also ask you to sit in on classes for free and attend our Q&A sessions before exams.

Course Information

In addition to the highest quality instruction at some of the most reasonable rates, Benji's Driving School is proud to offer instruction and job placement. Our instructor uses modern educational aids and training equipment, such as videos and classroom demos. All our courses include personalized practical road training and a blend of theory and hands-on pre-trip inspection to ensure your training is challenging and successful.

Please Keep In Mind

• Payments are paid upfront

• Students must have a valid BC drivers license

• ICBC road test fees are not included in these packages

Air Brake Course

Next class:
• 16 hours class time (First and Third Saturdays and Sundays from 8am-5pm)

• 4 hours pre-trip inspection & test


We book all the road tests automatically for our students. No need for individual appointments.

All packages listed below include air brake theory for classes 1-3 only, pre-trip inspection, road training, and one road test conducted by ICBC and scheduled by our office.

Class 1: Tractor Trailer

All CL 1 courses include 10 hours of observation time in the back seat

Course 1: Class 3 Upgrade & Experienced (38 hours): $1,550

hrs Air Brake: In Class

10 hrs Driving/Pre-Trip: In Truck
2 hrs ICBC Road Test

Course 2: New Driver Without Experience (46 hours): $2,500

16 hrs Air Brake: In Class

18 hrs Driving/Pre-Trip: In Truck
2 hrs ICBC Road Test

Course 3: New Immigrant Support Program (52 hours): $3,220
Student Pays: $1150
Government Pays: $1800

16 hrs Air Brake: In Class

24 hrs Driving/Pre-Trip:In Truck
2 hrs ICBC Road Test

Course 4: EI Supported Job Training (98 hours): $7,500

hrs Air Brake & Truck Theory: In Class

62 hrs On Road Training & Pre-Trip: In Truck
2 hrs ICBC Road Test

Class 2: Bus

Automatic (26 hours): $1,100

hrs Air Brake: In Class

8 hrs Driving/Pre-Trip: In Bus
2 hrs ICBC Road Test

Class 3: Straight Truck

Automatic (26 hours): $1,200
Manual (28 hours):$1,420

hrs Air Brake: In Class
8 hrs (auto) Driving/Pre-Trip: In Truck
10 hrs (manual) Driving/Pre-Trip: In Truck
2 hrs ICBC Road Test

Class 4: Van (Unrestricted)

Automatic (4 + 1.5 hours): $440

4 hrs Driving & Pre-Trip: In Van
1.5 hrs ICBC Road Test

Class 5&7: Small Car

Hourly: $60 (90 minutes for $90) + GST

On-road Training & ICBC Road Test


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